About Us



LITTLE MIKA is inspired by my daughter and her eczema journey. It is a modern, natural, ethically curated shop that makes it easier for parents to shop for their little ones with eczema or sensitive skin. Though our products and our goal is to help this focus, our products are for all babies and children 0-5 years old. Their skin, the largest organ, is so fragile at this stage in life, we want to keep its purity and innocence. We also want to inspire little ones how to shop intentionally, sustainably and ethically with natural materials. 

Based in the UK, most of the brands we work with are based in the UK or Europe and designed using the highest quality of natural fabrics. To further ensure a good impact on the world around us, we have chosen brands that are transparent in their ethical standards and practices. You won't be surprised to hear many of our brands working on different social projects.
Each of our brands are hand-selected for quality and style, and include natural materials like 100% cotton and merino wool. I have personally traveled to feel the items myself because dressing your family is like dressing mine. One of the most common comments we receive is how our products are real quality!
The curated collection is modern and simple, while also including classic, timeless styles that can be like an heirloom passed down within your family or community. In choosing quality items, it is my hope that everything found here can be passed down. (It is highly encouraged to do so, in fact!)
I believe we can have a positive impact on our childrens' lives and their future by by teaching them to care about the clothing they wear and how it is made. We strive to cultivate an appreciation for quality over quantity, teach our children that wearing clothes made of natural fabrics is a more sustainable and healthy choice, not only for those of us who wear it, but for those who make them too. Hopefully, by the time our children are our age, this will be the standard. 

Many of the brands we choose to work with are OEKO-TEX or GOTs certified which means they are further tested for toxic substances like harmful chemicals, heavy metals, AZO dyes etc. in addition to ensuring ethical working standards, monitoring waste removal processes and much more.

Little Mika is a great match for those who desire natural, ethical, organic, and sustainable quality with a modern lifestyle. 


Mika developed eczema during her newborn days. I use the term 'we' because as any parent of an Eczema child will know, it is a journey the parent goes on with their child. The search for a cure was like being on a wild goose chase. Then I learned that cotton was best for Eczema skin because its ability to let skin breathe, regulate temperature and its natural material that is not produced with harmful, toxic chemicals. Synthetics are not breathable and can contain toxic chemicals in their processing.

Frustrated by the lack of minimalist style clothes that were made with breathable 100% cotton, I found myself desiring a clothing shop that was focused on little ones with Eczema while not compromising on style. Most designs I found were made with synthetics and shopping required additional time lost to flipping through stubborn material labels. Many of you Eczema parents know what I am talking about! I was sacrificing a lot of quality time with Mika whenever I went shopping. While the designs were cute, the true story of it was not. 

In our shop, parents do not have to go looking at material descriptions like I did, ever again. Our shop aims to carry items made of materials that are Eczema skin-friendly, which means it is friendly for all baby skin. 

And you can bet that if it comes in Mika's size, it can definitely be found in her wardrobe. She already has a few favourites!
Thank you for joining us on our mission and our tribe.